War Rules

  1. No attacking your enemy till they agree with the war.
  2. An army must have at least 2 servers to invade or declare war on another army.
  3. An army must give the enemy 12 hours notice for an invasion to be considered legitimate. This also means if you lose a server, you can’t just retake it after the enemy leaves – you must re-schedule with 12 hours notice.
  4. An army must successfully claim 6 rooms for the invasion to be legitimate.
  5. An army must provide a specified battle place for the invasion to be legitimate.
  6. An army must fight the defenders and successfully beat them before they can claim the room. They can’t just go around the server to the rooms with no defenders and claim those.
  7. If the army is not present, then the server automatically goes to the invader.
  8. It must be a good timing for Asians, British and Americans.
  9. Picture must be sent to CPAA after the war.
  10. If there is one invader then the war will begin.
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