List of nations:

Club Penguin Shadow Army (CPSA)

Dark Shadow Warriors (DSW)

Joining of Union

To join contact Ohmyman555 ,

To join the General Assembly, join one of a army in shadow union.

Length of Each Positions

The Chairman serve until he resign. He will be advisor after resignation. He has  the same power as Secretary-General. However, he is the overall-charge of the Union with Secretary as assistant.

The Secretary-General serves a ten months term. They will be advisors after retiring. He has the same power as Chairman. However he is an assistant to the Chairman.

Representative serves a four months term. They will step down if they lose the election.

Cheif Executive  and Executive will serve forever till they are no longer in the armies.

Strategists and advisors will be forever even if they are not in army. They must prove that they are  about the armies.

Founder and Co-founder are alway will be in place forever.

Elections and Choosing of Ranks

ALL Members must vote and there is a week time to vote.

The previous Secretary-General will use 2 months time to pick two rep to run for election.

Representatives are choosen by their leader(Chief Excutive).

Chief Excutive are the leaders of the army.

Excutive are chosen by General Secretary. Two per army.

Strategist must prove to the Cheif Strategists that they are knowledgeable and experience to be one.

Advisors are retired Secretary-General.

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